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The Techart GT Street RS is a Beast Created
For The Circuit, But It Will Fully Carry
The Love Even on Ordinary Roads

If you think of a car in the sports class, you will definitely look for brands such as Ferarri, Lamborghini, Porsche, which are perfect in their own right, so the question arises whether it is necessary to tune these cars and have them modified. When you look at this car, which was taken under its wings by the tuning company Techart, you answer, yes, it is necessary, yes, we want it, yes we must have it.

The new Techart GT Street RS toy has a 911 Turbo S body and tuned it above the GT2 RS's performance level. It's such a unique car that Techart decided to build only ten of these machines, giving it a touch of uniqueness. The ubiquitous carbon fiber is specifically shown in unusual patterns, which is based on the random arrangement of carbon fibers in the composite material. The eye-catching cover covers areas such as the front splitter, fenders, side openings, rear wing, and more. Techart even uses material on aero rings around the center lock wheels.

The front spoiler also has an active element that smoothes the airflow and the rear wing can also be adjusted. In addition, the NACA ducts in the bonnet divert air to the brakes. For better flow into the engine compartment, the rear fender inlets are larger and there is a paddle with a pneumatic impact on board. Inside, the Techart is equipped with the usual mix of leather and Alcantara. However, the company also uses virgin wool on parts of door panels and seat cushions. The company claims that the material slows down combustion, making it ideal for use on the track. The rear window and rear side pieces are Gorilla Glass to reduce weight.

10 lucky ones who buy this unique car will receive a racing helmet with a special bag. Techart has once again shown that he is a master at tuning Porsches.
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