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Virgil Abloh x Nigo: A First Glimpse
At This Exclusive Collection

This surprising collaboration with Nigo, the founder of Bape and Human Made, was announced in December 2019 by the Chicago-based designer. According to Virgil Abloh, this prestigious collaboration is logical as the influence of the Japanese designer has been so great in the expansion of streetwear in the world of luxury.

Named LV² for "Louis Vuitton Squared", the name of the collection suggests cohesion by meaning that one idea can coexist with another. For this new capsule collection, the two friends are moving away from streetwear to the art of tailoring. Celebrating the universe of these two emblematic designers, this collection displays inspirations from British dandies and Japanese culture. 

Featuring the brand's emblematic "LV Damier Check" motif, a patchwork construction bringing a modern dimension to the classic shapes of the suits, an omnipresent denim symbol of Japanese fashion and an iconic Louis Vuitton monogram, the collection pays tribute to the history of the French fashion house while celebrating Nigo's creative vision. A pre-launch will take place on June 18, 2020 in the Shibuya district (Tokyo) on the occasion of the opening of the first store dedicated to Louis Vuitton's men's universe. A few days later, on June 26, 2020, the capsule collection will also be available in the rest of the world. 

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