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The D'strict Brand Has Created an
Amazing Visual Experience on
Massive LED Screens

This epic "wave" illusion on massive LED screens looks like something straight out of "Back to the Future".
Only gradually are people all over the world returning to normal, the streets of Seoul have witnessed an exceptional visual experience these days. In a visually twisted but stunning performance, the city brand D'strict created an anamorphic illusion that looked like a raging wave about to fall from glass walls, right in the middle of the modern Gangnam-gu region. 

The projection was aptly called a "wave" and consisted of large-area LED screens installed on the walls of large buildings to create an electronic display measuring 80 meters wide and 23 meters high) for 18 hours a day. Massive projection (also considered one of the largest digital displays in the world) is measured roughly "four times as much as a basketball court in Seoul" and gave the roundabout a realistic and greater impression of water than in life. 

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