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Cristiano Ronaldo Surprisingly
Changing Teams From Real Madrid
To Juventus For €100 Million!

After a long time of listening to rumors and waiting, the time has finally come
for us to hear the real "ending" to this talk. For many people, the world's
best football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, has put an end to all rumors. He is
ready to leave Real Madrid after 9 years of playing for them and ready to
play for another team, which is Juventus.

The deal has been done and after a tough arguing about what’s best for Ronaldo,
the whole football world can now look forward to seeing him in a new jersey.
Half of his fans are happy about the news and they wish him the best and the
other half is sad because as they “fell in love” with Ronaldo, they fell in love
with Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to leave Real Madrid.  

Ronaldo accepted the offer worth of €100 million and he signed a four-year
contract with Juventus. For these four years, he will make approximately €566,000
a week, which is more than a lot.


I only have feelings of enormous gratitude for this club and for this city. I have
had nine absolutely wonderful years at the club. Real Madrid has conquered my
heart, and that of my family, and that is why more than ever I want to say thank
you: thank you to the club, the president, the directors, my colleagues, all the staff,
doctors, physios and incredible people that make everything work Thanks to
everyone and, of course, as I said that first time in our stadium nine years
ago: Hala Madrid!,
” Ronaldo said in an open letter to Real Madrid fans. 

The whole football world is looking forward to seeing what he’ll show in the
matches for Juventus. 
 We believe he deserves a new chance at a new club
and we wish him a great season in Italy and a lot of accomplishments!
We are sure he still hasn’t shown us all that he can do and we are looking
forward to seeing more.


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