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An Adventure That Turns
Your Look Into a Traditional Holiday

Located atop the mountains of China's Hunan Province,
Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury is a symbol of the growing trend of adventure tourism. It is without a doubt the most adventurous tourist stay in the world that is currently being produced. "Eagle Rock Cliffs" is the third phase of the luxurious Pingjiang Homey Wild Hotel.Located on purple-red cliffs between Mufu and Lianyun Mountains in Hunan Province, China, Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury Hotel offers stunning views of the rolling landscape of the literal Chinese sh (shan shui) - rivers, mountains, and bamboo forests, all naturally formed. for thousands of years. Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury Hotel is the most adventurous tourist stay in the world 

Adventure tourism has been a hot new trend in luxury experiences. The hotel actually consists of three basic buildings - the largest Dinghui, located on a narrow 122-meter plot at the highest point; Yanshang, an oval structure that contains most of the guests staying; and finally Ziyahui, a space for events and a ballroom for activities. Natural tranquility among the clouds is the main building of Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury Hotel designed to match the top of the mountain: the 45-meter-long Dinghui itself hosts the host of luxury suites and the main reception. with a path leading to an epic open infinity pool. Yanshang is located on a smaller platform on a hill. 35 meters below Dinghui, where several rooms are arranged around the main hall and its adjoining breakfast room in the viewing platform. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows, which take advantage of the vast landscape, present every Chinese natural beauty and geography. The shallow rooftop pool creates a dance of light through the skylights on the roof, which effectively incorporates the architectural philosophy of the "outdoors". Everything takes place with a natural rock formation. The final stage of the Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury Hotel is Ziyahui, and its construction also mimics natural geography, with an almost circular courtyard that doubles as a stage, and seats along the edge of the cliff, with skylights in a wooden roof that provides natural light and ventilation. The toilets and storage space are hidden in the floor below Ziyahui. Pingjiang is like nature itself, the essence of the architecture connected between heaven and people, which again expresses the relationship between man's artificial constructions with the natural environment and the ultimate expression of beauty, when buildings are sublimating and perfect with topography, not just perpendicular structures on the face. 

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