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The Airship002 in The Drimnin
Highlands, Scotland, is Where
You Can Find The Rest You Want

Beautiful hotels, amazingly endless beaches, for some the embodiment of a holiday paradise, for others a standard holiday, which has already been tasted. Do you also want some change? A destination that takes your breath away at all times? Is accommodation so bizarre that it's beautiful? Roderick James Architects sought to bring these properties to a hotel called Airship002. 

The unique, fresh, modern cabin called Airship002 is secluded in the remote Highlands of Drimnin in Scotland - boasting perfect views of the surrounding mountains and sea.Secluded in the remote Highlands of Drimnin, Scotland, is a fresh, modern cabin designed by a European team, Roderick James Architects. Fully equipped with the foundations of a comfortable stay, the unique Airship002 is strategically located on a four-hectare plot that offers optimal privacy. Roderick James Architects Design The Airship002 in the Drimnin Highlands, Scotland.

With one bedroom, one bed and one bathroom is a house, which is assembled and disassembled if necessary - it can be adapted, it is possible to accommodate another bedroom and at the same time for up to two guests. It is built mostly of aluminum. The house offers a roof designed to catch rainwater and uses underground storage containers, an insulated shell, photovoltaic panels that electrify the cabin, and double glazed windows for a greater space experience. 


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