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Q&A With Kylie Jenner Unveils
More About Her Family And Mommy Life

There is no doubt that Kylie adores interacting with her fans on a more
intimate basis than regular celebs usually do. Notably, sharing the news
about her pregnancy and delivery of baby Stormi with her fans in a touching
video she posted to YouTube was definitely out of the regular
celebrity-media order.

Now Kylie takes to YouTube again, this time together with her bestie model
Jordyn Woods to answer some of the most frequently asked fan questions.

*SPOILER* Kyle and Jordyn in the video not only talk about how they became
such close pals and eventually roomies but Kylie also discusses all-new-mom
stuff like body image after the delivery or personality and look traits
of baby Stormi.

But enough of spoiling, go ahead and watch the video yourself, Kylie and
Jordy could not be any cuter, true bestie goals!

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